(13 days/12 nights – Guided Self Drive Expedition)

A “travel-expedition” that will get you through the Kalahari, crossing the last wild park of Namibia (Kaudom) and meeting the great rivers of Caprivi: the Okawango and the Kwando. The encounter with the Bushmen culture and successively the Mafwe one at the border between Namibia, Angola and Zambia, will let you live an unforgettable experience. At the end you will have the possibility to meet the Mbunza Tribe as well… The use of 4×4 vehicles completely equipped for the camping with tents on the roof and the camps that we will set up in the wild nature (wild camping) will let us taste and feel the real African Experience. You will drive your car yourself. The team will be composed by maximum eight participants, in order to allow everyone to enjoy this fantastic adventure at its best.

After the first night in Windhoek, where we will pick up the vehicles, we’ll drive to the Kalahari in northeast direction. Very soon we will leave tar roads and reach unknown wild paradises, driving close to the Botswana border. Here, in the area north of Tsumkwe, rich of elephants and baobabs, we’ll enjoy a unique experience: we’ll visit the Bushmen village of //Xa/oba (Living Hunters Museum) where the local Bushmen community, the !Kung, will greet and show us their culture, traditions and habits. We will live together with them, and we will have the possibility to learn to light the fire with sticks, prepare arrows for hunting, create jewels with small ostrich eggs pieces and so on … They’ll show us their traditional dances and introduce us to their medicine man, the traditional “doctor” of the tribe. We’ll camp in the bush nearby the village for our first real African night in the wild.
From here, we will drive in north direction to the Kaudom National Park, with its difficult sandy tracks and its wild animals. We’ll spend there two nights in the southern campsite of the park, very simple and basic and without any fences.
It should happen that during the night elephants, hyenas or felines will slowly cross our camp…. Inside our tents we won’t have any problem!

After our game drives in the park, we will reach the Caprivi area, driving through a very difficult soft sand track in north direction. Then the tar road that we will drive along Caprivi in east direction will take us to Divundu, where we will able to find fuel for our vehicles and buy food and water for ourself. We will then cross the Okawango River and overnight for the next two nights nearby the left side of the river, at a proper a camp site. Here we’ll have toilets and showers. The next morning we will have a game drive in the wild Buffalo National Park, nearby the Okawango river and the Botswana border, where we will look for elephants and, obviously, buffalos.

Again we will go on along the Caprivi Strip on tar road again, in east direction to meet another great river: the Kwando (then named Linyanti and Chobe once in Botswana). Following the right side of the river, we will arrive into Bwabwata National Park and will camp in a wonderful campsite near by the river. Here there is no fence, and often hippos and elephants cross the camp during the night.

The following day, after the last game drive inside the park at sunrise, we will go just in front of the border between Namibia, Angola and Zambia along the Kwando river where we will set up our bush camp under huge baobabs, guests of the Mafwe people. We will infact visit their Living Museum, where we’ll be able to experience their traditional dances, to have a bush-walk with them along the river and to live unforgettable moments with them and their culture. Again along the Caprivi Strip in western direction, we will start our trip back, driving again to Divundu and eventually reach the area of Rundu. Here we’ll camp in a proper campsite along the banks of the Okawango, just in front of the Angolan border.

In the afternoon we will visit the local village of the Mbunza Tribe: another opportunity to enter in contact with the African Culture.
The next day we will continue the march back to Windhoek, stopping to put up our camp in the nature for the last time in a proper campsite in the Otjiwarongo area.
The following morning we will drive back to Windhoek, where we will spend the last night together. The next day we’ll give back our vehicles and all go to the International Airport for the flying back home.