In our vision a travel is not only relax and rest, important aspects but not unique.

Travelling is in everybody’s life an individual experience, an occasion in which  to deal  with different realities, trying to understand their inner mechanism in the respect of culture, traditions and environments; and as a natural consequence, the travel it’s the time in which we try to understand ourselves…

Our proposals are oriented in these directions: nothing to do with what you normally can find by big tour operators, but ‘experiences’ based on our “travel companion” whishes and our deep knowledge of Namibia.

In our company or on your own, on expedition or alone, in tents or in luxury accomodations, with off-road vehicles or by plane, canoe, trekking, motorbike … your dream comes true…with us!


The most fascinating way for discovering Namibia. Depending on your expectations and needs we will design the trip in a 4×4 that will take you in the most beautiful areas of the country. You will drive your own vehicle, with no strict schedules or boundaries.

We will take care of the entire organization: you can choose to overnight in lodges (amongst the most beautiful in the world) or to have an experience more in touch with nature by using an off-road vehicle fully equipped for camping with a tent mounted on the roof (with fridge, double spare tyre, double fuel tank). We will share with you all the in-depth knowledge we have of this extraordinary part of the world.


For the ones which prefer to travel with a real African Guide at their side: this can make the travel experience even more incisive and deep.

Obviously we will plan the trip together, for small groups or individuals.


We organize Photo Tours in Namibia specially designed for photographers (beginners as well for advanced) who would like to enjoy their hobby on a very special photographic experience in one of the most beautiful places on our planet. Be it in group or individual, with or without guide, challenge your knowledge as photographer in this wonderful country.


We organize Tours in Namibia specially designed for 4×4 Lovers (beginners as well for advanced) who would like to enjoy their passion on a very special experience in one of the most beautiful places on our planet. Be it in group or individual, with or without guide, challenge your knowledge as 4×4 driver in this wonderful country.

Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing in Namibia is now possible: thanks to our collaboration with some of the most experienced professionals of this art.

We can design Fly Fishing Tours along the big rivers of the north: the Okawango and the Zambesi. In these waters, rich of Tiger Fish, a lot of surprises are waiting for you…

Namibia Trekking

Experience a Trekking in Namibia, in complete safety, crossing enchanting landscapes and sleeping under the stars

There are various possibilities, more or less difficult: but all of them will result in unique emotions for the fans of this discipline.


The endless and breathtaking tracks, the dunes of the Namibian desert and the incredible African nature represent an irresistible attraction for every biker.

We can organize different types of travel by motorcycle, with off-road motorcycles hired on the spot, with nights in lodges or, for the more adventurous, in tented camps with equipment transported by the organization.


On our clients request we can arrange tours by canoes along the most beautiful Namibian rivers, as the Okawango or Kwando.

Based on the expectations and the preparation of the participants, we can draw routes along rivers, where cultures and African nature will be the scenery of a unique experience.

Guest Farm Tours

A fantastic way to fully enjoy and know the real life of this country.

You can freely travel in self drive through the finest and most genuine places of Namibia, overnighting in farms, where you will be welcomed as a friend rather than as a tourist.

Archaeological Explorations

We are paving the way for the exploration of uncontaminated places where there are many stone-age sites.

Humanity has inhabited the semi-desert land of Namibia for many thousands of years. No one knows exactly what kind of populations lived here originally, where and when they initially settled, what they ate and drank.
Does part of the beginning of mankind lie buried in the hills of Namibia? The oldest works of African art, rock paintings and engravings up to 28 000 years old, can be found in masses in Namibia’s mountains. Thousands of Stone Age camping places and stone tool working places lay waiting to be discovered by the explorers.

Our goal, in cooperation with the local archaeologists in Namibia and the landowners, is to find these archaeological sites, catalogue and register them. We shall not take anything from any of the sites. We shall leave all findings for later investigation by the experts. Namibia is a poor country with only a few archaeologists and there is little knowledge about the old history. Few people can identify a Stone Age camping place, because they do not know what to look for. Many of these sites are being destroyed.

You do not have to be an archaeologist to take part in this exploration, but naturally any students or experts will be more than welcome. What you need is a love of exploration, a good imagination, and a keen interest in ancient history. Also you should be relatively good on foot, as we shall be walking in mountainous areas.


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