We will travel from the 11 to the 23 of November 2024 in Namibia (and South Africa) with our 4×4 off-road vehicles, fully camping equipped and guided by the participants themselves, through the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, the Fish River Canyon, Luderitz on the Ocean and the Namib Desert, stopping along the way to discover the most suggestive places of this part of Namibia.

From a minimum of only 4 participants to a maximum of 10, together with Gianluca Massalini who will be your Guide, we will travel to discover the boundless spaces of southern Namibia through its most beautiful tracks.

Driving our off-road vehicles through the Kalahari we will reach one of the most interesting parks in Namibia and South Africa: the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Here we will camp in one of its campsites and during the day we will try to spot one of its most peculiar inhabitants: the magnificent black-maned lion. There are many cats that live in this semi-desert environment among lions, cheetahs and leopards and with our 4x4s we will drive the rough tracks of the Kgalagadi Park in search of unforgettable encounters.

We will then head west to discover the scenic Quivertree Forest and bend south again to enter the Fish River Canyon, considered the largest canyon in Africa. We are confident that the spectacular scenery that this part of Namibia offers will remain forever in your deepest memories.

Luderitz, the small town on the Atlantic Ocean built near Diaz Point, where Bartolomeo Diaz planted one of his crosses during the journey that took him in 1487 to circumnavigate Africa and open the new route for the Indies awaits for us. Here the landscape is harsh and fascinating, with the desert that ‘dies’ in the often stormy sea. We will visit Kolmanskoppe, one of the ghost towns now abandoned after the diamond run of the last century and the peninsula south of Luderitz, in the hope of seeing one of the very rare brown hyenas that live here. Note that in Luderitz we will sleep in Hotel, as the wind that often blows angrily does not recommend the use of our tents!

Leaving the Ocean we will head north along beautiful tracks and camp inside the Namib Desert in one of the pearls of Namibia: Sossusvlei. Here we can go into the valley surrounded by millennial dunes and between trees that have now become similar to skeletons. A short trek at sunrise to the Hidden Vlei will allow us to better understand this unique environment, full of life despite its apparent hostility.

In the end we will go back to Windhoek through one of the most scenic and demanding passes in the country, the Spreetshoogte Pass: from the 1500 meters of its summit we can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Namib Desert below us.